Dog World for Breeders

Take back your time

Spend less time answering questions for interested puppy parents if it isn’t a fit in the first place.

With Dog World you get an entire team on your side. We act as a personal secretary for you, and answer basic questions for interested puppy parents. You only start communication with puppy parents after they have paid a reservation fee and have been placed on your waitlist.

Your breeder profile will include photos and all the details that make your breeding program special. If you have requests for what you would like on your profile, please let us know. For a limited time, we are even offering to build out custom web pages for our breeders.

Make sure your puppies go to the best homes

For every puppy parent placed on your wait list you will see their full profile. Here are just a few examples:

  • Do they live in an apartment or house? How big is the backyard?
  • What’s their level of dog experience? What about with your breed?
  • Their Pup Score, indicating how good of a fit they are with your breed.

You can even add your own required questions for interested puppy parents. At Dog World, interested owners who have paid the reservation fee and filled out a detailed profile are typically very reliable dog owners, but at the end of the day you have the final decision on whether you want to accept them.