Frequently asked questions for Breeders

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Also, here is the FAQ for interested dog owners.

What is Dog World?
Dog World is a platform where families can learn which dog breed is best suited for them. They can then safely make a reservation for a puppy, knowing that our breeders are AKC certified with healthy puppies and a healthy lineage.
What is the benefit of Dog World to breeders?
When a request for a new puppy comes in to you from Dog World you can be assured of several things:

1. They have already paid the reservation fee, so they are committed to getting a puppy.

2. They will have a complete profile, which you will be able to see, including the "pup score" they got for your breed.

3. We already have payment info from them through the reservation fee, so when it is time for them to receive their puppy, the remaining amount will automatically be deposited to you.
How much does it cost to be a part of Dog World?
It is free for breeders. We want all of the top breeders for each breed, so we do not want to put up any possible barriers.
How do breeders become a part of Dog World?
Please [contact us], we would love to hear from you.