How Dog World Works

Put in your puppy reservation

A reservation gets your spot on a breeder‘s waitlist. 100% of your reservation goes into the final cost of your puppy.

Meet your puppy concierge

Your Puppy Concierge will help guide you through every step of the process. They can help from the early stage, with questions about the breed, all the way to the final logistics such as transportation of your puppy.

Video call with your breeder

Your puppy reservation immediately allows you to message breeders and to request a video call to get to know your breeder and to see the dogs.

Since the message portal is exclusive for users who have placed the puppy reservation, Dog World breeders can dedicate extra time and attention.

Choose your puppy

Once the puppies are a few weeks old you will receive photos and can choose which puppy you want to welcome to your family!

Puppy selection preference is given based on your position on the waitlist. If you need more time you can always defer to a later litter.

Receive your puppy

Here comes the fun part! Your Puppy Concierge will help you organize transportation, and ensure you receive the necessary health documentation- so that you can relax get ready to welcome your new family member.