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Discover which breeds are best for you, and find your future puppy from an AKC approved breeder who provides health and temperment information.

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The Dog World Difference

A better way to find your puppy

Dog World breeders provide health and temperment info on their pups, and communicate with you throughout the buying process.

  • Get a "pup score" for each breed

    Our dog matching quiz[link] is the most detailed and accurate dog breed matching quiz in the world, and will give you a "pup score" based on your fit with each dog breed.

  • No scams, and easy payment guarantee

    There is a shameful amount of puppy buying spam operations on the internet. On Dog World cost is transparent and you are guaranteed to receive your healthy puppy, or your money back.

  • Detailed info, all in one place

    Info on the puppy's family geneaology, health tests, and temperment, to maximize the potential for a good match for you and your family.

  • Get your puppy within 8 weeks

    Through Dog World our breeders are ensured that their puppies will be going to owners with complete profiles and pre-paid puppy reservations. This gives us preferential treatment and lets us skip to the top of the list for puppy reservations.

How it works

3 Steps to finding your new best friend

  • Our quiz will show you your top matches, and will also provide a "pup score" for every breed so you can choose the best fit for your home.

  • For each breed we carefully select 1 - 3 quality breeders who meet our qualification guidelines on health and temperment of puppies. They also excel in their level of care and communication, and will be your point of contact once you welcome your new pup.

  • A reservation payment will secure your spot for a pup from your breeder of choice. If there are puppies still available in their current litter you can select your forever puppy right away!

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