The healthiest food for dogs on the market

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Real food, gently cooked in small batches

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Fresh, locally sourced ingredients

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Dog World | Fresh dog food delivered

Give your dog the best chance for a long and healthy life

The single biggest decision you will make in your dog‘s life will be what diet you feed them

100% Human Grade

Local ingredients are prepped and cooked in our San Francisco kitchen.

Watch meal time become a joy for your dog, as they benefit from the nutritional variety of 8 incredible recipes.

See how it stacks up

Give your dog the best food possible, and see results in their gut microbiome, coat, general health, and happiness.

Standard Kibble

Even the "premium" kibble options are highly processed, with harmful additives

Lightly-cooked, freshNo
Human-Grade ingredientsNo
AAFCO all life-stage nutrientssome brands
Cooked in a fresh bone brothNo

Farmer's Dog

Closest comparison to Dog World due to human-grade ingredients, but high-scale manufactured.

Lightly-cooked, freshYes
Human-Grade ingredientsYes
AAFCO all life-stage nutrientsYes
Cooked in a fresh bone brothNo
Nation-wide deliveryYes
Over 5 recipe optionsNo
Multi-vitamin + probioticNo
Superfood sprinkle (chia, turmeric, etc)No
Dog World PledgeNo

Dog World Fresh

Hand cooked in small batches, just like for ourselves. 10% of all profits go to rescue efforts.

Lightly-cooked, freshYes
Human-Grade ingredientsYes
AAFCO all life-stage nutrientsYes
Cooked in a fresh bone brothYes
Nation-wide deliveryNo
Over 5 recipe optionsYes
Multi-vitamin + probioticYes
Superfood sprinkle (chia, turmeric, etc)Yes
Dog World PledgeYes

The healthiest food you can give your dog

Join those who have taken the next step in providing the freshest and healthiest option for their dogs

Get your custom meal plan today

Tell us how many dogs you have, how active they are, and whether there are any allergies we should be aware of. It's that simple.

The Dog World Pledge

10% of profits go to dog rescue efforts

The Dog World Pledge is core to our mission. In addition to the donations, we also partner with animal shelters to give their dogs extra visibility, and to make it safe and easy for families to find a dog to adopt through Dog World.

Dog World Pledge | 10% of all profits go to animal rescues

Frequently asked questions

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    What is Dog World Fresh?

    Dog World Fresh is the healthiest dog food available. We source fresh ingredients, and then cook the meals by hand in small batches, just as if we were cooking a meal for ourselves.

    We are also the first dog food subscription which pledges 10% of all profits towards dog shelters and rescues. Dog World not only donates to dog shelters, but partners with them to give their dogs extra exposure, and more likelihood for adoption.

    Where do you deliver?

    We started with local deliveries in San Francisco, but recently expanded in 2023 to ship throughout the west coast: California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Nevada, and most of Idaho. Sign up to be the first to know when we expand to your location.

    What sort of ingredients do you use for the food?

    100% of ingredients are "human grade" which means they are produced for humans, and cooked in a manner perfectly safe for human consumption. Each meal contains a USDA-certified meat, a base such as sweet potato or brown rice, 2 - 3 veggies, salmon oil, a superfood, and our multi-vitamin mix which delivers the smaller, but crucial, nutrients to balance out the complete dog diet.

    How is Fresh different from traditional kibble?

    Traditional kibble is highly processed, and developed under extreme heat. The end-product is convenient (easy to serve, and will not spoil), but can have serious health consequences for your dog, because of lowered nutrition, and harmful preservatives. A fresh, complete diet will contribute in the following ways:

    - Increased physical energy and alertness, by maintaining healthy levels of hormones that affect mood
    - Higher levels of endurance, by maintaining a healthy heart
    - Consistent brain development and memory
    - Strong bones with proper calcium, protein, and vitamin levels
    - Flexible and strong joints, with proper collagen, healthy fatty oils, and proper mineral levels
    - Strong immune system from vitamin D, and an overall complete diet
    - Smooth skin and shiny coat which prevents itching

    How is Fresh different from other fresh dog food options?

    We believe that any fresh dog food service is drastically more healthy for your dog than dry and processed kibble.

    Dog World Fresh exceeds other fresh options because of 3 primary reasons:

    - Our ingredients are fresh and locally sourced, and we cook in small batches in our kitchen in San Francisco, CA.
    - 10% of our profits go to helping rescue dogs and shelters in need.
    - We go above and beyond with our meals- each meal contains a multi-vitamin mix, probiotic, and a superfood such as Chicory Root or Chia.