Frequently asked questions

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Here is the FAQ for Breeders.

  • What is Dog World?

    Dog World is a platform where you can learn which dog breed is best for you and your family, and then find your dog from a shelter or approved breeder. Each dog comes with health certificates, and pedigree information (when from a breeder).
  • What is the mission behind Dog World?

    1. Less dogs surrendered to shelters- by helping families understand which dog breed is best for them, ensuring better chemistry and long-term viability with their dog.

    2. More dogs adopted- by giving people visibility to dogs available, not just from local shelters but from around the country.

    3. No more scams, and no more puppy mills- by bringing visibility to shelters and breeders who prioritize health and temperment, and give their dogs love and care, and do not view them as merely a business transaction.
  • Where are your puppies from?

    Dog World is open to shelters and different types of dog breeders. We have both community profiles (non-professional breeders typically) as well as the professional approved breeder profiles which offer AKC certification, and thorough pedigree information.
  • What was the motivation behind Dog World?

    When we set out to get our puppy, we really underestimated just how difficult the entire process would be. The local shelters did not have any puppies available, and most breeders had 6-month+ waitlists. We started looking for puppies from out of state. But since we weren't able to go see the puppies in person we got approached by a number of scammers, and even communication with the breeders who seemed reputable was not easy... it was difficult to know whether the puppy would arrive safely and with all of the proper health checks.
  • What is the benefit of getting a puppy through Dog World instead of directly through a shelter or breeder directly?

    We maintain partnerships with our breeders and shelters so our customers can get priority when asking for a puppy. After you have paid the refundable deposit you can immediately place yourself on the priority waitlist. It is oftentimes difficult to know which breeders are reputable, especially if you are looking at breeders online who are not nearby. Dog World gives you a massive head start on the research- as all of our breeders pass the 4 point plan. You can see pedigrees, photos of the puppy parents, read reviews, and get detailed information, so you can select the best puppy for you. You create a detailed profile that will give breeders an overview of yourself and what you're looking for, so you do not need to constantly fill out new applications.

    With that said, there are many benefits to visiting a dog rescue or breeder in person, and we always recommend it when it's an option. You can see and interact with the parents of your puppy, and get a feel for the home of the dogs, and what sort of environment they are raised in.
  • What do you recommend, getting a dog from a shelter or from a breeder?

    We recommend looking to adopt as a first option! Our mission is to connect families to the right dog for them, so that there is a good fit and so that less dogs are surrendered to shelters. More often than not, dogs who are in kennels are there from no fault of their own, and can be an excellent fit for you.

    With that said, of course, adopting comes with a different set of considerations that should come into account. Adult dogs have a history that is difficult to understand fully. Just like humans, if that history includes abuse, it can have traumatic effects on the dog that can occasionally come out. It's important to consult with the shelter to understand the dog as much as possible, consider the breed, spend some time interacting with that dog, and see how they are with any family members or other pets. The big benefit of getting a puppy is that you can train them and allow them to grow up in a healthy environment. The benefit of an adult dog is that it may already be trained and calm. You also may be adopting a dog who may not have other options, which can form an extra strong bond.

    Dog World is a good option for anyone looking for a pure bred puppy, or if it is important for you to receive health and temperment information beforehand.
  • What do I get when I pay the reservation fee?

    As soon as you pay your reservation fee you reserve your spot in line for your new puppy. This can give you priority ahead of others in selecting your puppy and ensures you have a spot in the upcoming litter. Your reservation will give you access to AKC certifications / pedigree info, health certificates, and the ability to communicate with the breeder or shelter.

    100% of the reservation fee goes into the final price for your dog, and is fully refundable if you do not find your dream dog.