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Here is the FAQ for dog shelters and rescues.

    Dog World

    What is Dog World?

    Dog World is a fresh dog food subscription that is delivered to your door. It is never frozen, and only uses premium human-grade ingredients.

    20% of all profits from Dog World Fresh sales go to our Dog World Pledge, which allocates money and resources to rescue organizations. Beyond this support, we also offer a quiz where you can learn which dog breed is best for you and your family, and then find a dog for adoption.

    What is the mission behind Dog World?

    We're on a mission to enrich the lives of dogs and dog owners by tackling the biggest problems they face today:

    1. Less dogs surrendered to shelters- by helping families understand which dog breed is best for them, ensuring better chemistry and long-term viability with their dog.

    2. More dogs adopted- by giving people visibility to dogs available for adoption, not just from local shelters but from around the country. When adoption is fun and easy for people, there will be less opportunity for scams and puppy mills.

    3. Increase the vitality of dogs- by providing the freshest and most nutritionally complete diet possible.

    What was the motivation behind Dog World?

    When we set out to get our puppy, we really underestimated just how difficult the entire process would be. The "dogs available" section on the websites of local shelters was always outdated, which we would only find out after spending time to submit an application. Our options were limited, so we started looking for puppies for adoption from out of state. We got approached by a number of scammers, and communication with the shelters was not always easy... it was difficult to know whether the puppy would arrive safely and with all of the proper health certificates.

    That gave birth to a simple hypothesis- if the process of adopting a dog, especially from out of state, was more simple and fun, perhaps more people would choose to first adopt? As we worked on solving this problem, another question came up- "what if we could decrease the number of dogs surrendered to shelters in the first place"?

    From there the vision came to life- an app where people can find which breeds are the best fit for them, and then can easily find dogs available for adoption from around the country.

    Through our efforts of partnering with dog shelters, we quickly realized just how much help these shelters needed. From there, Dog World Fresh was born, a premium fresh dog food, where 20% of profits go towards rescue efforts. The more we scale and grow, the more we will be able to help shelter dogs. Join us, and support the cause.

    How does adoption through Dog World work?

    One of our core beliefs is that making adoption fun and easy will lead to more people choosing to first adopt. This is central to our mission.

    The first step is to understand whether you are ready for a dog, and which breeds will fit your lifestyle with our best dog breed quiz. From there you can communicate with shelters and find a dog to adopt . Here is our full 4 step process on how adoption through Dog World works.

    Dog World Fresh

    What is Dog World Fresh?

    Dog World Fresh is the first fresh dog food subscription which pledges 20% of all profits towards dog shelters and rescues. Dog World not only donates to dog shelters, but partners with them to give their dogs extra exposure, and more likelihood for adoption.

    Dog World Fresh is also unique in that it is truly delivered fresh, and never frozen. The food is cooked within 24 hours of delivery to your home.

    Where do you deliver?

    For now we only do deliveries in San Francisco, but will be expanding to the rest of Bay Area by Q2 in 2023, and quickly beyond that. Sign up to be the first to know when we expand to your location.

    What sort of ingredients do you use for the food?

    100% of ingredients are "human grade" which means they are produced for humans, and cooked in a manner perfectly safe for human consumption. Each meal contains a USDA-certified meat, a base such as quinoa or rice, 2 veggies, salmon oil, a superfood, and our multi-vitamin mix which delivers the smaller, but crucial, nutrients to balance out the complete dog diet.

    How is Fresh different from traditional kibble?

    Traditional kibble is highly processed, and developed under extreme heat. The end-product is convenient (easy to serve, and will not spoil), but can have serious health consequences for your dog, because of lowered nutrition, and harmful preservatives. A fresh, complete diet will contribute in the following ways:

    - Increased physical energy and alertness, by maintaining healthy levels of hormones that affect mood
    - Higher levels of endurance, by maintaining a healthy heart
    - Consistent brain development and memory
    - Strong bones with proper calcium, protein, and vitamin levels
    - Flexible and strong joints, with proper collagen, healthy fatty oils, and proper mineral levels
    - Strong immune system from vitamin D, and an overall complete diet
    - Smooth skin and shiny coat which prevents itching

    How is Fresh different from other fresh dog food options?

    We believe that any fresh dog food service is drastically more healthy for your dog than dry and processed kibble.

    Dog World Fresh exceeds other fresh options because of 3 primary reasons:

    - Our food is never frozen, which has a drastic effect on both the full nutrient profile of the meals, and how much your dogs will love their meals.
    - 20% of our profits go to helping rescue dogs and shelters in need.
    - We go above and beyond with our meals- each meal contains a multi-vitamin mix, probiotic, and a superfood such as Chicory Root or Chia.

    Are all of your recipes and ingredients human grade?

    Yes, 100% of our ingredients are "human grade" which means they are produced for humans, and cooked in a manner perfectly safe for human consumption.

    As an example, did you know that the USDA issues 8 different types of quality grades for beef? Most people are only familiar with Prime, Choice, Select, and Standard because those are the only ones fit for human consumption. The others are used for livestock or dog food. With Dog World Fresh we only use human-grade.

    Do the meals work for puppies and seniors dogs?

    Yes. AAFCO has put in place minimum nutritional needs for different lifestages of a dog. Dog World Fresh meets or exceeds the required nutritional levels for all life stages.

    The meals come with a probiotic and nutrient mix, so do I need to still give my dog its normal supplements?

    You no longer need to give daily vitamins or any general healthy additions since Dog World Fresh meals have all the nutrients needed. However, if you were giving a specific dietary supplement as recommended by a vet, or because of a particular condition, you should continue to give those.

    Your Subscription

    What if I want to change the amount of food, or pause or cancel my plan?

    You are free to adjust the portion amount, pause, or cancel at any time. You can do so from your dashboard or email us at for help.

    How much does a meal plan cost?

    Meal plans start at $2.50/day, but keep in mind that each dog is different. We incorporate age, breed, and weight to determine the amount of calories your dog needs, which will affect the price. Take our questionnaire, so we can learn about your dog and give you the meal plan and price.

    Can I change the frequency of deliveries?

    Absolutely, just chat with us to let us know what works best for you, or write us an email help (at)

    Do I need to be at home when you deliver?

    The packaging is insulated with dry ice, so that it can protect the food for up to 3 hours. With that said, the food is completely fresh, so we recommend putting in the fridge as soon as possible.