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Answer a few questions to get a "pupscore" for each dog breed, indicating how good of a fit they are for you.

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A "pupscore" for each dog breed

We take into account your living conditions, previous dog experience, and what sorts of behaviors you can tolerate and are looking for in your fluffy companion. The more subjective factors such as cuteness, should come secondary, and can be the tie breaker with your good matches.

Living Situation

Do you live in an apartment or large home? Do you have small children, or other dogs?


Are you looking for an exercise partner, or a couch companion?

Personality Fit

Looking for a livestock protection dog, or more of a "best friends with everyone" dog?

Brown Puppy in field

Technical side

The most detailed and accurate dog breed quiz

The combination of algorithms and input from our dog experts has resulted in the world's best dog breed quiz. We run an analysis for every dog breed we've built knowledge maps for, and put extra weight on the questions you answer most strongly on.

15+Expert advisors consulted, consisting of veterinarians, breed experts, and dog trainers

60+Dog breeds that we have created knowledge maps for, that you can get pup scores for

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