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Discover which dog breeds are best for you, and then find a dog for adoption from a shelter or from an approved breeder.

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The safe and easy way to find a dog for your family

3 steps to bringing home your furry friend. Dog World makes the process of discovering your breed, and finding a shelter or breeder a pure joy, as it should be.

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Discover the best dog breeds for you

Take the 5 minute best dog breed quiz, and receive a "pup score" for each of the top 50 breeds, showing how good of a fit each dog is.

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Dog World | Find your puppy homepage
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Find your furry best friend

See dogs available, whether through shelters or from breeders, puppy or adult- and either place yourself on a waitlist or immediately reserve with a dog who is ready for a new home.

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Get ready for pure joy
Dog World | Find your puppy homepage
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Welcome your new dog home!

Secure payment, health and pedigree guarantee, and dedicated customer service- so you can focus on welcoming your new puppy, not logistics.

With you every step of the way

Health, pedigree, and secure payment are guaranteed- so you can fully focus on preparing to welcome your new family member

  • Learn

    Learn about different dog breeds on our Dogopedia and check out the blog for care tips.

  • Get your 'Pup Scores'

    Take the best dog breed quiz to receive a "fit" score with each of the top 50 breeds.

  • Find a shelter or breeder

    Read testimonials, pedigree information, breeder specialization, dog availability, and more.

  • Health Guarantee

    Every dog comes home with a health guarantee and veternarian certificate.

  • Secure Payment

    No more scams. Payments are secure, and we guarantee you will find the right dog or your money back.

  • Support and Travel Logistics

    We build a long term relationship with you and help with everything, from selecting the right dog, to arranging travel.

Find your puppy today

Search by shelter, breeder, or dog breed. You can either waitlist or find a dog who is ready to go home.

Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, .

    What is Dog World?

    Dog World is a fresh dog food subscription that is delivered to your door. It is never frozen, and only uses premium human-grade ingredients.

    50% of all profits from Dog World Fresh sales go to our Dog World Pledge, which allocates money and resources to rescue organizations. Beyond this support, we also offer a quiz where you can learn which dog breed is best for you and your family, and then find a dog for adoption.

    What is the mission behind Dog World?

    We're on a mission to enrich the lives of dogs and dog owners by tackling the biggest problems they face today:

    1. Less dogs surrendered to shelters- by helping families understand which dog breed is best for them, ensuring better chemistry and long-term viability with their dog.

    2. More dogs adopted- by giving people visibility to dogs available for adoption, not just from local shelters but from around the country. When adoption is fun and easy for people, there will be less opportunity for scams and puppy mills.

    3. Increase the vitality of dogs- by providing the freshest and most nutritionally complete diet possible.

    What was the motivation behind Dog World?

    When we set out to get our puppy, we really underestimated just how difficult the entire process would be. The "dogs available" section on the websites of local shelters was always outdated, which we would only find out after spending time to submit an application. Our options were limited, so we started looking for puppies for adoption from out of state. We got approached by a number of scammers, and communication with the shelters was not always easy... it was difficult to know whether the puppy would arrive safely and with all of the proper health certificates.

    That gave birth to a simple hypothesis- if the process of adopting a dog, especially from out of state, was more simple and fun, perhaps more people would choose to first adopt? As we worked on solving this problem, another question came up- "what if we could decrease the number of dogs surrendered to shelters in the first place"?

    From there the vision came to life- an app where people can find which breeds are the best fit for them, and then can easily find dogs available for adoption from around the country.

    Through our efforts of partnering with dog shelters, we quickly realized just how much help these shelters needed. From there, Dog World Fresh was born, a premium fresh dog food, where 50% of profits go towards rescue efforts. The more we scale and grow, the more we will be able to help shelter dogs. Join us, and support the cause.