Our Mission: Phase IEmpty the shelters

There are many fantastic organizations that focus on supporting shelters and adoptions. A portion of our proceeds will go to supporting healthy shelters, so that as we grow, so does the financial support for local dog shelters.

However, our primary focus is in another area we feel does not receive the same amount of initiative - preventing dogs from being abandoned in the first place. By pairing people to the right breed for their lifestyle, and then recommending breeders who prioritize health and temperament through best practices, we can help families adopt the best puppies for them. This way, there is a lower likelihood there won’t be a fit, which could lead to abandonment of the dog.

Our Long-Term MissionThe 4 phase plan

Our 4 step mission is ambitious and aims to make the world a better place by helping both people, and the world’s oldest domesticated animal that has been making us happier by allowing us to live more in the moment for over 10,000 years.

We have a 4 step mission which will be rolled out in phases as we build our community over the years. We’re starting our primary focus on number 1 and going down to 4.

  • Empty the kennels by connecting families to the best breed for them. From there we will actively promote the top breeders for each breed who pass the 5 point plan (link)
  • Prevent scams and promote a healthy pedigree. Puppy scams are a multi-million dollar industry, alongside fake pedigrees. Dogworld will verify a dog's pedigree, and put them on the blockchain; creating a permanent and secure record of a dog's family lineage.
  • Completely revolutionize the standards that many show breeders and the AKC look for. Currently, physical characteristics are the primary standard that dogs are judged by, and over time this has led to over-exaggerated traits that have many health problems. We personally vet our breeders, and make partnerships with breeders who have a focus on health and temperment.
  • As Dogworld moves out of "startup phase", distribute both the wealth of the company, as well as the management and direction of the through a public coin. Dogworld will remain a private company, with employees and it's own management, but would be one of the first truly distributed companies, as earnings, application features, and management/direction of the company will all be tied to the coin. The company will be led by the people. Dogworld was formed during the Covid-19 pandemic, when there was a shift in the entire globl monetary system, and increased censorship- but also a time that had inspirational movements such as those by wallstreet bets, the crypto movement, and decentralization in general.

About UsIt all started with a puppy named Stela

Stella is the husky puppy that came into our lives and brought cuteness, pain (especially during those first few weeks), and happiness. She is also a constant reminder to us in how important something such as Dogworld truly is. We consider ourselves lucky to have found her, but it was only after multiple scam attempts, dozens of hours researching and talking to breeders, and weeks of waiting. We want to make the process simple and fun for everyone.