The Dog World Mission

We're on a mission to enrich the lives of dogs and dog owners by tackling the biggest problems they face.

Phase IEmpty the shelters

We believe that our 3 step approach is the best way to reduce the number of dogs in shelters and rescues:

1. Through donations to shelters and dog rescues. With the Dog World Pledge ,we allocate 10% of our fresh dog food profits to supporting shelters in our network, while the rest of the profits will go back into the company so that we can grow and continue to give back. No other dog food company in the World that we have encountered dedicates such a high percentage of their earnings to support shelters.

2. An estimated 2.5 million dogs are surrendered to shelters annually in the US, of which ~300,000 are euthanized. Shelters are oftentimes at capacity, and can only keep new litters of puppies for a few days. With Dog World, we will bring extra exposure to the dogs available for adoption in a user's hometown and from all over the US.

3. Prevent dogs from being abandoned in the first place. In the last few decades, people have increasingly gotten dogs based on aesthetics, with inadequate attention placed on the temperament and nature of the dog breed. We have developed the World's most detailed dog breed quiz to pair people with the right breed for their lifestyle, which leads to a lower likelihood of abandonment. We then recommend dogs from shelters that follow best practices, so that they can continue to have capacity for new dogs.

The shelters will be able to see full profiles of users interested in adopting, so they can not only be efficient, but have the assurance that the dog is going to a good family that is ready to fulfill that dog's needs.

The InspirationIt all started with a puppy named Stella

When we set out to get our puppy, we really underestimated just how difficult the entire process would be. The &quote;dogs available&quote; section on the websites of local shelters was always outdated, which we would only find out after spending time to submit an application. Our options were limited, so we started looking for puppies for adoption from out of state. We got approached by a number of scammers, puppy-mills, and even communication with the real shelters was not always easy... it was difficult to know whether the puppy would arrive safely and with all of the proper health certificates.

After the dozens of hours of research, and multiple scam attempts, we finally were able to bring home Stella, the husky puppy that brought cuteness, adversity (especially during those first few weeks), and happiness. She is also a constant reminder to us of how important something like Dog World is. We consider ourselves lucky to have found her, but we want to make the process of adopting a dog secure, simple, and fun for everyone. Less time should be wasted on logistics, and more focus on bringing home your new family member.

Stella the Siberian Husky
Stella the Siberian Husky
We couldn't leave out Stella's younger sister, Aspen, who came into our lives in 2022