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How much should I pay for a German Shepherd puppy?

How much should I pay for a German Shepherd puppy?

What is a realistic German Shepherd puppy price in 2022?

This is a tough question since German Shepherd's are consistently one of the most popular dog breeds around the world. On one hand this means they are very widespread, and there are many rescues and breeders. More puppies available typically results in a more reasonable price point.

However, there is a reason GSDs are so popular. GSD's have an incredible reputation as loyal family companions, who can also be trained to the highest level, and are oftentimes used in police work. The combination of trainability, eagerness to please, seriousness in their work, yet delicate nature that can be perfect for families, is not something that can be said for all dog breeds.

Perhaps no other dog varies in price as much- you can expect to see starting prices for GSD puppies at a couple hundred dollars, all the way up to $8,000 for a puppy from championship pedigrees.

From our data, we have found the average price for a GSD puppy to be ~$1300

However, our recommendation is to set your pricing expectations higher for a healthy puppy from a reputable breeder. In this case the price for an 8 week old german shepherd puppy will be from $1300 - $2500.

White German Shepherd puppy price

The majestic white german shepherd typically runs a higher price point because it is more rare. We don't have enough data, but it is a safe bet to assume that the starting price for a white German Shepherd is around the high point for a regular GSD. In other words, budget in the range of $1800 to $4000 for white german shepherd puppy. Nat Geo found correlation of increased google searches and adoptions of white german shepherds and huskies during the first couple of seasons of Game of Thrones due to the "White Dire Wolves".
White Dire Wolf from Game of Thrones

The majestic white 'dire wolves' from GOT were actually white Northern Inuit dogs that were doubled in size on the greenscreen

There is no doubt that the white dire wolves were both cute and magical. But that's no reason to adopt a dog. Anyone interested should take the best dog breed quiz to ensure they have a good fit with a german shepherd.

Black German Shepherd puppy price

Black German shepherds are as rare as white german shepherds, and therefore fetch a higher price point. Expect to pay up to $3,000 for a black german shepherd puppy from a reputable breeder.

Long coat German Shepherd puppy price

The long coat german shepherd is not as rare as the black and white. The price is about on par with a standard GSD, or slightly higher, as they are not quite as common.

Can I expect to find $500 german shepherd puppies?

This would be the absolute starting price from any reputable breeder. It is probably possible to find a breeder selling german shepherds at this price point, but they most likely know they can easily increase the cost for their GSD puppies, but have other motives. Some breeders do it purely out of the love for preserving the health of the breed.

At any price point under $500, the puppies are most likely from a "backyard breeder". This is really just terminology for anyone who had puppies and is selling them. It's important to not make generalizations here as there is huge variety. In the best case scenario the puppy can come from a family who plans on starting a very reputable professional breeding program but just happens to be in their first year or two. On the other side of the spectrum it can be from someone who accidentally had puppies, and you should do research to see the parents of the litter to ensure it is a purebred puppy if that is what you are looking for.

How much does a german shepherd cost per month?

There are 4 big factors that lead to the "it depends" answer here:

  • Grooming your german shepherd

  • Petsitting for your german shepherd

  • Obedience classes

  • Getting help walking your GSD

Of course, each of these 4 can vary widely. Since the german shepherd is a high energy dog, we will assume that you need occasional help with walking- about $100 / month. And since the german shepherd needs a challenge, and to be stimulated mentally, we will also make the assumption that you will enroll in occasional group obedience courses, at about $100 / month. We will also assume that you won't ever take your pup for professional grooming or have the need for pet sitting.

There are also 4 standard costs, which for a german shepherd puppy we can estimate as follows:

  • Food ($60/month)

  • Treats ($10/month)

  • Routine Veterinary check ups (2 times per year at $150 each)

  • Medical Prevention: Ticks, Fleas, Heart-worm ($30/month)

Throw in a little for toys, and small miscellaneous expenses and our estimate is that a healthy german shepherd puppy will cost $345 / month.

This did budget in some training and dog walking, but also assumes that there will be no budget towards dog grooming or pet sitting. There are also the large costs associated with traveling with your pup, and getting medical care for emergencies or genetic disorders. With any of these factors, the price for a GSD puppy can easily go up to $7,000 / year, and is what we would recommend to use as the number when financial planning.

The ever noble black german shepherd

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