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Top Healthy Snacks for Dogs

Top Healthy Snacks for Dogs
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Have you ever wondered what fruit can be a good, healthy snack for dogs? We have put together the best fruit options for your canine friend!

Not all fruit is made for dogs. Some fruits aren't nutritious for dogs, despite what they can offer people. In addition, even if our top picks are full of nutrients, this does not mean that you should overfeed healthy snacks to your dog. All dining options, including healthy foods, should be provided in moderation. Do not feed your dog more than a small amount of any one fruit at a time. 

With that said, fruit is an excellent choice as a healthy snack for dogs. Make sure you feed them the right amount in moderation.

Below you will find the best selection of fruits that make a perfect healthy snack for dogs.


Apples are rich in nutrients. They contain a lot of vitamins such as A, C, K, as well as calcium and phosphorus. These essential antioxidants help protect your furry baby from cancer and joint diseases. They also provide dental care and help maintain fresh breath. Ideally, you should only feed your dog one to two slices. In addition, apples make great applesauce or a smoothie that you can offer to them instead. 


Bananas are an extremely popular option as a healthy snack for dogs for good reason. They are rich in vitamin B6, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. For this reason, bananas can boost muscle strength, reduce blood pressure, enhance brain function, boost the immune system, and improve digestion. Don’t give your dog an entire banana to consume. Two to three small pieces are enough for small dogs and ½ of a banana is equally adequate for large dogs. 


Looking for a much more low-fat and cholesterol-free healthy snack? Blueberries are great for most dogs, even those with diabetes! By being rich in vitamin C, phytochemicals and fiber, blueberries help prevent tumor growth and fight against cancer. Up to ten blueberries should be more than enough for your dog. 

Bonus: Avocados

We included avocados here because perhaps no other fruit is more debatable when it comes to dogs. On one hand it is a superfruit for dogs just as it is for humans with the nutrients that it brings. But in recent years it has been discovered that avocados contain persin which can be toxic for dogs in large amounts. Some avocado extract can be beneficial for dogs, with nutrients like fatty, amino acids, fiber, vitamins A, B3, B6, C, E, and potassium. The vitamins contribute to good eyesight, bone health, skin, and fur health for your furry baby. With that said, it is important to consult your veterinarian to decide on what the right amount is, and when in doubt, better to play it safe and not give avocado to your dog.

Some Final Words

There are lots of fruits that make healthy snacks for dogs. However, keep in mind that fruits do not make up the canine diet. Never try to replace their dog food with a large apple or a banana. Overindulging them with snacks deprives them of other important nutrients such as protein which only dog food can provide to them.  

This article is contributed by Cooper Pet Care. Cooper Pet Care provides instant access to vet support via chat and video calls as well as honest pet insurance with fair and transparent terms.

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