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Full Name
Alternate Names
Wiener dog, Dotson dog, Doxin dog, Doxie, Daschie
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Life Span
12 - 16 years
16 - 28 pounds

Dachshund dogs are famous for their long body and short legs, and they are often called wiener dogs or hotdogs. They have a goofy personality and will make you laugh every day. But don't let the goofiness fool you; they were initially bred for a very specific reason (and got their name from it)- to be bold and persistent in finding badgers ("Dachs" is German for badger). The modern-day Dachshund is much more of a family companion and makes an excellent apartment dog due to its small size.

Bred For
Hunting badgers and other tunneling animals, rabbits, and foxes
    Family Considerations
    Child Friendly

    Is the Dachshund good with children?

    Yes, the Dachshund is very friendly with children. We still recommend introductions to children while they are young so they get used to them, but the Dachshund naturally loves children.
    Stranger Friendly

    Is the Dachshund friendly with strangers?

    Yes, the Dachshund is very friendly with strangers. We still recommend early socialization while the Dachshund is a puppy to introduce them to various new people, but in general they are friendly with everyone.
    Dog Friendly

    Is the Dachshund friendly with other dogs?

    The Dachshund is about average in how friendly they are with other dogs. They can be timid or defensive, but with proper training and socialization can be fine for dog parks and living with other dogs at home.
    Likes to Cuddle

    Does the Dachshund like to cuddle?

    The Dachshund appreciates affection and that includes kisses and snuggles!

    Does the Dachshund like to play?

    The Dachshund will almost always be ready for play! The Dachshund is great for a family with children, or otherwise, an environment that is always ready for play.
    Service Dog Ability

    Does the Dachshund make a good service dog?

    The Dachshund would not be a great fit as a service dog for several reasons.
    Overall Ease of Breed
    Ease for Novice

    Is the Dachshund good for first-time owners?

    The Dachshund is a good breed for first-time owners. A good fit for first-time owners are friendly breeds that are motivated to please their owner. This means they can be trained, and are rarely aggressive and overpowering.
    Training Potential

    How well can the Dachshund be trained?

    The Dachshund can be trained very well. With discipline and a routine training program the Dachshund can be incredibly well-trained.
    Amount of Shedding

    Does the Dachshund shed a lot?

    The Dachshund does shed, but less than average.
    Ease of Grooming

    Is the Dachshund easy to groom?

    The Dachshund requires very little grooming relative to other dog breeds, their coat is very low maintenance.
    Exercise Need

    Does the Dachshund need a lot of exercise?

    The Dachshund requires some daily exercise, but daily walks should be enough. The Dachshund appreciates going outside and on daily walks, but they will be ok without anything overly athletic.

    How smart is the Dachshund?

    The Dachshund has average intelligence. They are smart and witty, but do not need to be constantly challenged mentally, as some other breeds.
    Amount of Barking

    How much does the Dachshund bark? Does the Dachshund bark too much?

    The Dachshund barks all the time. They are big talkers, and want to show it! In general, barking and being expressive can be beneficial, such as for guarding property or livestock. But it is important to consider whether heavy barking suites your lifestyle.
    Guard Dog Ability

    Is the Dachshund a good guard dog?

    The Dachshund is the opposite of a guard dog!
    Tolerates Being Alone

    Is the Dachshund good at staying alone? Is the Dachshund independent?

    The Dachshund is not very independent and does not do great when left behind for longer than a couple of hours. This is one of the most important things to consider when getting a new dog.
    Home and Environment Considerations
    Good for Apartment Living

    Is the Dachshund a good apartment dog?

    The Dachshund is an excellent dog breed for an apartment. Some daily exercise is still important, but if they get that then the apartment will be more than enough for them to call home.

    How big is the Dachshund?

    The Dachshund is below average when it comes to size. They are not a "toy" breed, but it is still significantly easier to travel with them.
    Tolerates Heat

    How much does the Dachshund tolerate hot weather? When is it too hot for a Dachshund?

    The Dachshund can do very well in hot weather. Owners should still be aware of over-heating as this is one of the most common reasons for dogs going into the emergency room, but overall the Dachshund can do well in hot climates.
    Tolerates Cold

    How much does the Dachshund tolerate cold weather? When is it too cold for a Dachshund?

    The Dachshund does not tolerate cold weather very well, and we would not recommend having a Dachshund if you live in a very cold weather climate. Even if your home is warm, it can be inconvenient to go on walks, and you may need to have a sweater for your Dachshund.
    Potential to Run Away

    Does the Dachshund try to run away?

    The Dachshund does not have a large drive to run away. They can still be distracted and run, so precautions should be taken, but overall they have a less than average urge to run away.
    Physical Characteristics
    General Health

    Is the Dachshund a healthy dog? The health of a Dachshund should be measured not just by how many years they live, but also by how many health issues they've had. It is important to know which health conditions your breed is prone to- hip problems, eye problems, bloating, and arthritis are all common dog health problems.

    The Dachshund is healthy, but has an average number of health risks that should be taken into consideration.
    Energy Level

    How energetic is the Dachshund?

    The Dachshund has a good amount of energy and it's important to give the Dachshund daily walks and ideally run time as well. A well-exercised dog is easier to train, and will be happier and have less likelihood for destructive habits.
    Amount of Drooling

    How much does the Dachshund drool?

    The Dachshund does not drool at all.
    Prey Drive

    Does the Dachshund have a large prey drive? Does the Dachshund like to chase birds, cats, and other small animals?

    The Dachshund does not have a large prey drive towards birds or even cats, and can typically do very well living in the same home as them.

    Is the Dachshund atheltic?

    The Dachshund may not be the fastest or strongest out of all the dog breeds, but that is not always a bad thing. In fact, for most modern homes, this can be convenient as the Dachshund can be less demanding when it comes to exercise needs.

Breed Variations

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    Black and White

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    Brown Spotted

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    Brown and White

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  1. Hound
  2. Scenthound
  3. Dachshund
The Dachshund is a purebred dog that belongs to the Scenthound sub group, which falls under the larger Hound dog breed group.
Hound group: The hound has traditionally been used alongside hunters to track or chase prey. Unlike retrievers who are bred primarily to retrieve and bring back the prey, hounds were typically bred to have excellent vision, scent, or speed to pursue the prey. Because of the Hound's excellent vision, scent, and focus, they are a common police and secret services dog. Hounds are typically categorized into either "scent hounds" or "sight hounds". Both exercise and mental stimulation is important for hounds because of their history. They want to feel they have a "job" and want to go to bed feeling they have done their day's duty.
Scenthound sub-group: The scenthounds were the original hunting dogs. Many go back thousands of years, and their exceptional scent is something that has been passed down through the generations. Typically people think about dogs using their amazing smell for hunting, but it is also used for drug detection, and even finding people lost in the woods. Certain scenthounds have such amazing scent, that they can distinguish an injured person or animal from a non-injured one. Scenthounds can be trained very well, but may need a firm leader. They are used to working a job outside, so are not the ideal apartment dog.

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