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Full Name
Alternate Names
Pom, Pom-Pom, Deutscher Spitz, Zwergspitz, Dwarf Spitz
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Life Span
15 years
3 - 7 pounds

One of the smallest dog breeds in the world, but not in personality. They not only have regular winners in the Westminster agility contest, but actually serve as decent guard dogs because of how attentive they are. Of course, they probably will have a hard time of warding off intruders because of their size, but they are intelligent, aware, and can quickly bark and let their owners know if someone is at the door.

Pomeranians are probably the dog that most resembles a stuffed animal, and oftentimes receive "wows" from people when they first see them- their cuteness is unmatched. They are extroverts, friendly with people, and very loyal to their family. They are independent, have a big personality, and can be good with children and strangers, but do need good socialization and some time. They are relatively easy to be trained, and excellent dogs for apartment living, not only due to their size, but they are fairly independent, and should be ok for someone who regularly works, as long as they get regular exercise and attention in the morning and evening.

The Pomeranian is a healthy dog, but do have certain health disorders that owners need to be careful with. They are oftentimes a "designer" breed- and some irresponsible breeders will try and over-emphasize certain characteristics, like small size, and the breed will suffer with health risks because of it. With that said, they are still one of the dogs with the longest life average of about 15 years.

Bred For
    Family Considerations
    Child Friendly

    Is the Pomeranian good with children?

    Unfortunately, the Pomeranian is not automatically well suited with children and we would not recommend for homes with very small children unless early socialization with children is taken seriously.
    Stranger Friendly

    Is the Pomeranian friendly with strangers?

    The Pomeranian is about average in how friendly they are with strangers. They can be timid or protective, but with proper training and socialization can be fine for any household.
    Dog Friendly

    Is the Pomeranian friendly with other dogs?

    The Pomeranian is not naturally friendly with other dogs, but with a good amount of early socialization as a puppy they can learn to get along with most breeds of dog. Proper training is required before letting the Pomeranian go off-leash or to dog parks.
    Likes to Cuddle

    Does the Pomeranian like to cuddle?

    The Pomeranian appreciates affection and that includes kisses and snuggles!

    Does the Pomeranian like to play?

    The Pomeranian will almost always be ready for play! The Pomeranian is great for a family with children, or otherwise, an environment that is always ready for play.
    Service Dog Ability

    Does the Pomeranian make a good service dog?

    Historically, the Pomeranian has never been used as a service dog and really would not be a good fit.
    Overall Ease of Breed
    Ease for Novice

    Is the Pomeranian good for first-time owners?

    The Pomeranian is a good breed for first-time owners. A good fit for first-time owners are friendly breeds that are motivated to please their owner. This means they can be trained, and are rarely aggressive and overpowering.
    Training Potential

    How well can the Pomeranian be trained?

    The Pomeranian is about average when it comes to training potential. The Pomeranian can be seen in competitions and can have advanced training, but it would require much dedication and oftentimes professional training.
    Amount of Shedding

    Does the Pomeranian shed a lot?

    The Pomeranian is an average shedder. Pomeranian owners will probably still tell you it's a lot of shedding, but certain breeds shed even more.
    Ease of Grooming

    Is the Pomeranian easy to groom?

    The Pomeranian requires a good amount of grooming work. It is possible to do it yourself, but you need to plan on dedicating weekly grooming sessions at the minimum.
    Exercise Need

    Does the Pomeranian need a lot of exercise?

    The Pomeranian requires some daily exercise, but daily walks should be enough. The Pomeranian appreciates going outside and on daily walks, but they will be ok without anything overly athletic.

    How smart is the Pomeranian?

    The Pomeranian has average intelligence. They are smart and witty, but do not need to be constantly challenged mentally, as some other breeds.
    Amount of Barking

    How much does the Pomeranian bark? Does the Pomeranian bark too much?

    The Pomeranian barks a lot. This is important to consider with your living situation- will it be ok when you leave them at home alone or will they disrupt the neighbors? The Pomeranian will oftentimes bark just to express their thoughts... even just to be heard!
    Guard Dog Ability

    Is the Pomeranian a good guard dog?

    The Pomeranian is not typically used as a guard dog, although they can be alert and oftentimes notify you if there is a stranger at the door or otherwise something to be concerned over.
    Tolerates Being Alone

    Is the Pomeranian good at staying alone? Is the Pomeranian independent?

    The Pomeranian prefers having family around at all times, but can also do well when left alone. The Pomeranian still needs plenty of attention, but is independent, and can typically be left alone for several hours without issues.
    Home and Environment Considerations
    Good for Apartment Living

    Is the Pomeranian a good apartment dog?

    The Pomeranian is an excellent dog breed for an apartment. Some daily exercise is still important, but if they get that then the apartment will be more than enough for them to call home.

    How big is the Pomeranian?

    The Pomeranian is one of the smallest dog breeds- suited well for apartment living and very convenient for travel.
    Tolerates Heat

    How much does the Pomeranian tolerate hot weather? When is it too hot for a Pomeranian?

    The Pomeranian does not tolerate hot weather very well, and we would not recommend having a Pomeranian if you live in a very hot weather climate. At the minimum, they would need a home with air conditioning.
    Tolerates Cold

    How much does the Pomeranian tolerate cold weather? When is it too cold for a Pomeranian?

    The Pomeranian can tolerate some cold, but should not be over-exposed to cold weather. In general, they can live in cold weather climates, but may need clothing on particularly cold evenings or in snow.
    Potential to Run Away

    Does the Pomeranian try to run away?

    The Pomeranian does not have a large drive to run away. They can still be distracted and run, so precautions should be taken, but overall they have a less than average urge to run away.
    Physical Characteristics
    General Health

    Is the Pomeranian a healthy dog? The health of a Pomeranian should be measured not just by how many years they live, but also by how many health issues they've had. It is important to know which health conditions your breed is prone to- hip problems, eye problems, bloating, and arthritis are all common dog health problems.

    The Pomeranian is healthy, but has an average number of health risks that should be taken into consideration.
    Energy Level

    How energetic is the Pomeranian?

    The Pomeranian has a good amount of energy and it's important to give the Pomeranian daily walks and ideally run time as well. A well-exercised dog is easier to train, and will be happier and have less likelihood for destructive habits.
    Amount of Drooling

    How much does the Pomeranian drool?

    The Pomeranian does not drool at all.
    Prey Drive

    Does the Pomeranian have a large prey drive? Does the Pomeranian like to chase birds, cats, and other small animals?

    The Pomeranian does not have a large prey drive towards birds or even cats, and can typically do very well living in the same home as them.

    Is the Pomeranian atheltic?

    The Pomeranian is very athletic and would be well suited for a family that frequently works out or goes on adventures.
  1. Toy
  2. Spitz
  3. Pomeranian
The Pomeranian is a purebred dog that belongs to the Spitz sub group, which falls under the larger Toy dog breed group.
Toy group: Toy dogs are primarily characterized by their very small size. But don't let that fool you- if anything their personality and tenacity is higher than the average dog. In fact, even their protective instincts are above average! In fact, because of that it is crucial they get socialization with children and other dogs from an early age. Perhaps out of all dog groups, the toy dog group is the most difficult to put sub-groups into, since the sub groups also include larger dogs, and fall under other groupings. For example, the Pomeranian is a Toy Spitz dog, but there are also large Spitz dogs such as the Samoyed. Because the toy dog is both small and primarily bred for home companionship, they make excellent additions for a wide range of families. There are also practical benefits with toy dogs- they are great for apartment living, and traveling. Toy dogs are also loyal and love to cuddle, making them the ideal lap dog.
Spitz sub-group: Spitz breeds are some of the dog world's most ancient dogs. They have a distinct wolf-like appearance with pointy ears, and a heavy double coat, and a big bushy tail that curls over the back. The majority of them are perfect for cold climates, as they originate from the Nordics, Russia, and Canada. There are many spitz type of breeds, and sometimes it is debated which dogs are "true spitz" breeds. Spitz dogs love the outdoors and love adventure.

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